South Pacific Affordable Living - FIJI & Kingdom of Tonga
SPECIAL SALE - thru March '16 ONLY !
TWO separate 'single' 'CV' ocean-view lots available @ just US$4,000 each - BOTH are 'close-in' to the protected Hunga Lagoon. Don't miss out on this opportunity to secure your "retirement/escape/bolt-hole" island spot in the South Pacific ! ! ! !
Residential Real Estate is OVERPRICED ! ! !
GET $$$ OUT of the USA & EU. NOW !.
U.S. residential real estate is 25% - 60% OVERPRICED ! SELL OUT NOW to a 'greater-fool', join us in SAFE Tonga and pocket the difference ! ! ! !

GET $$$$$ OUT of the USA NOW, while it still has 'purchasing power'! Acquire LAND in 'FIJI' and in 'Tonga' NOW; unfortunately, way too many 'sheeple' just don't "Get It" - how they are being SCREWED by the crooks in D.C. ! ! !

"There is no chance that our economy and our markets will return to the old "normal". The U.S. economy and most of the world's economies are mired over their heads in debt; but Obama has made us the dumping ground, saddled us with millions of immigrants on welfare, run a corrupt and purposely wasteful administration, crippled us with Obamacare and punitive energy and business regulations, and now threatens our very sovereignty. America's growth engine has been broken by Obama. We are saddled with 19 trillion in national debt, plus the multiple trillions more in bankster derivatives gambling debts. When the bubbles pop and everything goes bust, they will bail-in YOUR savings, IRA, 401K, etc. to cover their losses. American's chickens have been flopping around for awhile now, without realizing their heads have been axed. I believe that unless the people elect Donald Trump, the America we remember is permanently dead."

'Kingdom of Tonga' or 'Republic of FIJI' ? YOU choose !

"Others vote with their feet. Throughout history, whenever there has been turmoil in some countries, there have been other countries where the government and/or society is less aggressive and less rapacious. The same is true today. There are many jurisdictions where those who plan ahead can either move permanently, or merely plan to wait out the storm.

Editor Note: It is not all doom and gloom; the world is your oyster, and there are very attractive jurisdictions that are cause for optimism. Some are ideal places to reside."

Join us in either the 'Kingdom of Tonga' or the 'Republic of FIJI' ! 'Get Ready for Crazy'

Affordable Ocean-View Cottages
Very affordable Ocean-View tropical island cottages starting @ just US$59,000. on 2 adjacent lots; 'Investor 4-Plex' unit on 2 lots offers 1 studio for the owner and 3 like studio units as either guest accommodations for the new 'Glamping Eco-Resort' @ 'Cocomo Village' or private short/long-term rentals [example: for 'CV' lot-holders to reside in as their cottages are being built.

Get out of the Rat-Race ! "SELL OUT & GET OUT" to our SAFE, peaceful, beautiful & bountiful Paradise in the South Pacific, Southern Hemisphere, away from all the crap happening in the Northern Hemisphere.

TONGA for those who can more inexpensively live on 99-year renewable lease-land & FIJI for those who fell they need "to own" 'Freehold' land !

Hoe simple is this ! ! ! !'Cocomo Cottages' & 'Glamping Eco-Resort

NEW - Inexpensive Tropical Homes in Tonga !
Have us build your inexpensive "Investor 4-Plex" house at 'Cocomo Village' {CV], on Hunga-Vava'u Island, in the Vava'u Group of Islands, the Kingdom of Tonga [KoT]. 'Paradise-in-the-South Pacific !' This 4-Plex is 'perfect' for the seasonal-Expat, spending part of the year in the South Pacific ! Have 1 unit for yourself & 'rental-pool' the other 3 units to the new 'Cocomo Lodge', a boutique eco-resort being developed @ 'CV'. There will also be inexpensive 1, 2 & 3-bedroom tropical-style houses available to the owners of over 100 already-acquired ocean-view lots @ 'Cocomo Village', by savvy internationals from Canada, the U.S., Germany, So. Africa & the U.K., to name a few.
from a Southern European prospective 'Cocomo Cottage' builder:

"I would like to know why the houses are so chip" ?

Only 5% of Tongan Lands Leasable to Non-Tongans !
NOTE: Once just 5% of Tonga's land [ 289 sq. mi. ] is leased by foreigners [commoner leases are only 20 yrs., while our Noble lease-lots terms are for 99-years/renewable !], NO more original leasing AND that means the 'CV' lots our clients have [resales O.K.] . . .should skyrocket in price ! - supply & demand, you know ! Should apply to 'Cocomo Cabins' as well. . .
ISLAND PARADISE Lots for US$1.32 & less per day !

For just US$5,970. per parcel, that's all of $1.32 per day per lot ! There is also 1 'single' inventory lot on the island's lee side for $5,500. each. [# 50].

NOTE: ALL 'Resale' lots increase in price from US$4,500. each TO US$5,000. each as of FEBRUARY 1, 2016 ! Be SMART - acquire NOW to save $500. on each parcel !

The BEST lots on the island are: the 'SPECIAL Offers' below: These Premium Ocean-view lots are on the leeward island side !

SOLD ! - SPECIAL PRICE # 1 - 2 Premium ocean-view 'RESALE' parcels, [Section 'A', # 1 & # 2 adjacent] ABSOLUTELY closest to the Hunga Lagoon on the leeward side of the island [out of the original 89 lots] @ US$5,450 each, as a pair only...... less $$$$ than 'inventory' lots [maps attached]. SAVE over $1,000.

SOLD !....SPECIAL # 2 - Two [2] Premium ocean-view 'RESALE' parcels, [# 34 & # 37 adjacent] closest to the lagoon in Section 'B' on the leeward side of island [out of the original 89 lots] @ US$5,000. each, as a pair only......less $$$$ cost than 'inventory' lots ! SOLD to 2 ladies from AK !

SPECIAL PRICE # 3 - NEW - 'RESALE' - a Premium 'single' lot - close to the lagoon: Section 'B' # 17 - US$5,000. + minor escrow fees.

SPECIAL PRICE # 4 - NEW - 'RESALE' - Premium adjacent pair [only] closer to the lagoon - Section 'C-4 lots # 70 & # 71' - just US$5,000. each !

SOLD ! SPECIAL PRICE # 5 - NEW - 'RESALE' - THREE [3] Premium, adjacent lots closer to the lagoon - Section 'C-2 lots # 31 & # 32 and lot # 33 - also available as a 'pair' & a 'single' - $4,500. each ! [$1,000. discount when acquiring all 3 adjacent lots !]

SOLD ! ! ! SPECIAL PRICE # 6 - Lots # 62 & # 63 - neighbors won't build for years, if ever !

Only 3 choices for double-lots in new section 'Seabreeze' selection: 15 & 16, 17 & 18 and 31 & 32 - $5,970. each - a smart choice for more privacy or to be able to build 2 cottages, 1 personal & one at a later date as a tourist rental or for resale !

ONLY 1 single inventory 'ocean-view', lee-side-of-the-island available @ $5,500. !


RETIRE TO THE UNDERPOPULATED SOUTH PACIFIC, IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE - SPECIFICALLY TO OUR EXPAT COMMUNITY 'COCOMO VILLAGE' IN VAVA'U, TONGA - REFRESHINGLY DIFFERENT THAN OVER-HYPED MEXICO, NICARAGUA & ECUADOR IN STEAMY CENTRAL AMERICA. ENGLISH IS SPOKEN ALONG WITH TONGAN BY THE FRIENDLY INDIGENOUS POPULATION. Reinvent yourself in the South Pacific at our Expat 'Cocomo Village' ocean-front island community; you'll enjoy a healthier, virtually stress-free lifestyle and likely live a longer and happier life than wherever you now are in the "Western" world !

Christmas Stocking Stuffers !
"Surprise your spouse, significant other OR YOURSELF ! with a couple of inexpensive Tonga ocean-view lots in their/your stocking !"

Be GOOD to them and/or YOURSELF !love song

'The Beautiful Unspoiled Kingdom of Tonga'
video link
50 Ways to Leave Your Homeland [Security & TSA too !]
. . . and 100 reasons why!

Inspired by the old song by: Simon And Garfunkel - 'FIFTY WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER' lyrics | MetroLyrics I just could not resist after recalling the opening line of the song.

'Problem is all inside your head', (she said to me) "The answer is easy if you take it logically. I would like to help you in your struggle to be free. There must be fifty ways to leave your homeland."

Well, I changed the 'lover' to the 'homeland' in there, because that is what we have been successfully offering for 14 years now - a new place to love and call home; that being life in the most stunningly beautiful South Seas.

There may be 50 ways, however, just taking your bathing suit and a bunch of cash is what so many have successfully done. Maybe sell everything you own, from car to home. Put the money in the bank, Frank, but don not leave it there too long. Today, it is money in the bank that is the other risk. Cypress comes to mind. This could be one part of 'Why'.

Now where to go is the first thing to know. That is the easy part and here is another 'Why'.

You need to go to the Southern Hemisphere: for down here, there is no fear. No wars, locked doors and no terrorists, just tourists.

The wind and even the water currents here circulate in the opposite direction from those in the Northern Hemisphere, maintaining a distinct dividing line between us and where the Hiroshima, Fukushima, Chernobyl and over 400 nuclear power plants boiling up their poisonous witches brew. We have only a couple in the Southern Hemisphere and none here in the South Pacific to be specific.

The place to thrive while you are still alive is Vava’u, Tonga.

Here you can acquire land inexpensively and build with hardly any restriction: alternative kinds of homes, including 'traditional homes', domes or straight up normal looking houses made . . . with earth-bag construction.

Coral rock is nearly free and it makes a beautiful home by the sea - you will see.

As the famous song said: The 'Problem' is all inside your head'. This is so true, because we seem to have mental blocks that overrule our God-given ability to logic and reason out some of the 'Whys' = we should get out of our own 'Dodge'. Literally, dodging bullets is one consideration today. In the South Seas we have no guns, nor do the police and that is how it has been, since guns cost money.

"The answer is easy if you take it logically. And I would like to help you in your struggle to be 'FREE' !

'Free' is the keyword and freedom can be illusive, a little like that frog they say, when slowly heated in a pan' will just sit there till it boils away. Freedom has boiled away in most countries where 200 plus years of governments making copious new laws, keeping the old ones in place, has crept up upon us like a pan of heating water. We do not see or feel the subtle change until you look back a few years and check the temperature. We are close to boiling, and you can boil in the snow country too since this kind of heat is only enhanced by cold.

Paradoxically, it is so cool here in the warm South Pacific, that we only get overheated when reflecting on our prior life in the big stew back home, wherever that home might be; EU, UK, USA and even AU too.

'There must be fifty ways to leave your homeland'

She said, 'It is really not my habit to intrude; furthermore, I hope my meaning will not be lost or misconstrued, so I repeat myself at the risk of being rude.'

'There MUST be fifty ways to leave your homeland'.

This is the risk I take too, being misconstrued and intruding on the set-in-stone paradigms of some people, that everything is alright and like always, we will see a positive correction. How many in Germany, Europe, England, Japan and Russia, yada, yada, said that just before and during WWI and WWII? Why do you think they give these world wars numbers?

Number Three is not out of the question and this time it could affect the entire Northern Hemisphere. Good thing wind and water currents up there do not mix well down here.

Let us get into just two ways to leave your once loved homeland for right now. I know the love of the mental image of our beloved homeland still looms in our minds, but in real life, governments have all but stolen the real thing. You need to face is just NOT like our forefathers intended, anymore.

I like the: 'Just slip out the back, Jack; you make a new plan Stan'.

'Drop off the key Lee, and get yourself free'.

In all fairness, it always starts with the plan with some planning forever and others overnight.

When you know something is just right, why put up a fight?

She said, 'It grieves me so to see you in such pain I wish there was somethin' I could do to make you smile again';

I said, 'I appreciate that; would you please explain about the fifty ways'.

She said, 'Why don't we both just sleep on it tonight and I believe in the morning you'll begin to see the light' and then she kissed me and I realized she probably was right.

'There MUST be fifty ways to leave...' ! So, the two best ways to set yourself free are: to just decide to do it for all the reasons of why anyone ever wanted to live in Paradise with the ocean views and cool breezes perpetually engulfing them. The cost of living is what you want to make of it. The local Tongan economy is thriving on very little income, about US$4,000. per year on average ! Food would be the major cost if you have to eat imported foods, from Caviar to just potatoes. Go native and dine on the fine local foods. The local potato tastes so good, I was thinking people would pay $1 each for them back home. Range-fed anything will be healthier and probably taste better, if not today, soon as you will covet the better, for you food locally raised, and it is free to inexpensive. The rest is a matter of getting a roof, some put one on top of a million dollar home and others settle for just a roof, which can work fine in the tropics.

Once you are clear on how moving to Paradise can be affordable on a few hundred $$$$ per month, you need to establish your budget. If you collect Social Security or pension income, you are probably going to live more like the 'rich and famous' in Tonga, than 'poor and infamous' back home. People just do not know how easy it is to pitch a new life. Literally, it is as easy as pitching a new tent. Get out the instructions and follow them.

If you want a fancy home, if you can afford it you can have it, and substantially less expensive than the one you had back home. Probably your equity from a house sale in the homeland will pay for a new larger home here, without having to mortgage it. Now you have near zero overhead for living arrangements.

So, the '50 Ways' are really just two. 1. Sell out and 2. get out, buying anew what you need when you arrive or sell the house and bring everything, including grandma, in a big container and pretend you never left home, just changed the scenery. '... don't need to be coy, Roy, just listen to me hop on the bus...'

Now for the 100 WHYs: well there are probably thousands, actually. So, we will not get into them all today. If you just bother to Google 'the truth about ...' anything at all, starting with the so-called 'government' that owns you, you will begin to see what has been in the closet all these years. As ever, Robert Bryce

'Cocomo Cottage' Homes
Fuer Deutsche Leuten: "Raus aus der Tretmuehle !"
 'Cocomo Cottages' & Glamping Eco-Resort
Become Part of Our NEW Classic Cottage Eco-Resort !
With almost 100 ocean-front/view lots sold-to-date to savvy Canadians, Americans, Germans and others who now have internationalization OPTIONS for when they 'want to' or 'NEED to' leave their current location !
'Classic Cocomo Cottage Complexes'
COMING SOON !A 'Classic Cocomo Cottage Complexe': sturdy earthbag & 'Coral & treated Palm-Trunk' Post-&-Beam' construction, plus available weather-resistant synthetic wood decks, starting @ just US$49,000. to only US$89,000. for an 'Investor 4-Plex' offering a private unit for the part-time Expat PLUS 3 studio units as 'rental-pool-shared-income' units for the 'Glamping Eco Resort' guests ! [other builders charge US$100.+ per sq. ft. !] overlooking the Pacific Ocean or the windward waters with views of other Vava'u Islands - start with a 'central building', then add separate bedroom structures as time and your budget permit; have an outdoor bbq/kitchen area & shower - we're in the tropics, remember ! Optionally, have a 'pavilion built at your 'Cocomo Cottage Complex', perhaps a bit smaller than the Eco-Resort's.
NEW Ocean-front 'CV' Lots Section Now Taking Reservations !
NOTICE: only 14 of the 44 'Seabreeze' lots still available ! Email us for lot locations......

COCOMO-SEA BREEZE RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY US$5,970.each. NEW! 44 home new home sites from on the hill down to the water and overlooking the sea!

Waterfront and ocean view, both with these perfectly placed building sites above the slope to the mini beaches below. The lots are 758 square meters (8,159 sq feet) of home building area with 375 more sq meters (4,036 sq feet) of water frontage safely situated above the inter-island sea below, all with stunning views of the Vava’u Island Group — ONLY US$5,970. each plus the annual payment of just US$420.

US$5,970. - TERMS: Cash or 3 equal payment are same as cash.

This stunning property is made available to the public by the Noble Estate Holder in Vava’u, the Governor of Vava’u, for the maximum term allowed in Tonga of 99-years as defined by Tongan law. Start eating your fresh greens for that is a long, long time before renewal.

* Thanks to the foresight of the government for astutely concluding that attracting people who will build homes and reside in Tonga, contributing to the economy is worth more to the country than obtaining a high dollar for their land.

*So the catch is; The low pricing of the land is an inducement to attract foreign investment in building and residing in Vava’u Tonga. You have up to 12 years to build a home on your property. Home construction is liberal and permits readily available for most kinds of construction. You can build your own home or hire it with the contractor of your choice. You may rent your home or live in it. We have a generous home rental service set up to rent in Cocomo Village as soon as you are ready.

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: In the Vava’u Island Group of Tonga, the Cocomo-Sea Breeze Residential Community is a large parcel to be divided into 44 residential lots. The lots on this south side of the Vava’u-Hunga Island are situated up and off the water by 30 to 90 feet with a sloping access to the sea and the many mini white sandy beaches below. Home locations are in a string such that the ocean views are not obstructed with houses in front and none in back of each lot, only along side. All of the lots have splendid vistas of our immense gift of nature, the extraordinary Vava’u Island Group and the ocean beyond.

Wireless phone and high speed Internet are available now and with a new Digicel tower going in soon service and speed should be second to none.

Vava’u is famous worldwide among whale watchers for the Humpback Whales make Vava’u their home and here they bear their young from May through November every year. You can swim with the whales in Vava’u because they are as gentle here as our “Friendly Island” native Tongans. (You can swim, and fish, with them too). If you are not into swimming with the Humpbacks, you can enjoy their parade all season from your veranda where they swim by this side of the island on their way to their resting locations. Some seem to wave at you, called “spy hopping.”

Neiafu is the nearest real town with everything to include a large open fruit and veggie market, shops, restaurants, building suppliers, hotels, hospital, clinics and a marina where cruising yachts from around the world visit every year. Cocomo-Sea Breeze less than 2 miles from the mainland, but 12 miles to Neiafu, wharf to wharf, a 25 minute ride in a fast boat. With the addition of these 44 lots to the 89 already sold, we expect to have enough residents on this island to afford more services to include, local stores, a doctor and clinic on the island and a larger ferryboat for low-cost regular transporting that 12 miles to the main island.

Worthy of mention, Cocomo owners have a free mooring space for their boats in the lagoon near the wharf of Vava’u-Hunga.

Purchase process steps:

The first step is your free, no money required “expression of interest,” please see maps and request registration form, a non-binding request to hold a lot allowing you to make a decision today without any risk. The process is a simple registration with the selection of your lot(s); limit 4 to a customer. To register your lot selection just fill in the registration form on this website, or send us an email directly to ( with your name and address with your lot number selection. If you want us to select for you, the selections will be chosen by the lowest lot number available at the time of receipt of your request. This free to hold lot(s) period is for THREE [3]days before formalization is required. This free period should give you sufficient time to communicate with us and sort out your thoughts in preparation for a final decision; meanwhile you have your selection on hold for you.

The second step is the formalizing of your lot selection, should you wish to proceed with documentation and consideration in the form of a deposit that applies to the purchase price in the amount of just $600 USD, which can be paid by credit card or by bank wire transfer. This process is handled with our staff personally and directly with you, commencing with an email to you asking you if you wish to proceed. If it is a go, the documents are prepared and via email by attachment most of the paperwork is accomplished in a matter of days.

The third step is final payment and registration of your purchase with the government of Tonga. Of course you may pay in full at any time and finalize the transaction. Staging the payments in this manner allows for any last minute budgeting that you may require.

The details of the offer are below.

THE OFFER AND CONDITIONS: Tonga has land laws not unlike most of the Island countries in the South Pacific. The basics of the land laws can be summed up into one sentence. You cannot own land, you can only lease land. The consciousness of leasing land is much like leasing a car, but you have 99-years with land. Foreign investors in Tonga are welcomed and encouraged to lease land. One can achieve basically the same rights of ownership in a lease as one might ever wish for in any land purchase, and with some advantages.

You can buy and sell, swap, construct at your pleasure and grow about anything that is legal upon your leased land. The only real issue is one has to renew their lease every 99-years. We don’t get to do that even once in our normal lifetime, but given the land lease is transferable and inheritable, your heirs may have that option.

In this offer of “Cocomo-Sea Breeze” on the Vava’u-Hunga Island in the Vava’u Island Group of Tonga, the Noble (Honorable Fulivai) has formed a corporation and set up a 99-year land lease of a large portion of his Estate along the waterfront.

Each home site comes from a portion of this Master lease. You may build a residence of your choice on this leased land in your selected and designated area. The legal structure is "condominium" (without the condominiums) in that the master lease is collectively owned by everyone with a single family home site. All of the residences will be “detached,” separate and individually owned by the investor making this purchase.

For the full details of the offer, just ask. As well, there is a small monthly payment of just US$35. = about $65 Tongan dollars as of 13.9.13, which can be paid annually. Portions of these sums go to the local village for improvements in their community with not only new equipment and new jobs as well. Lessons learned in other countries regarding unwholesome development of native land are avoided in this giving structure, in spite of the low cost.

Cocomo-Sea Breeze residents will be warmly welcomed for their being a part of this small yet collectively significant contribution back to the local community. Cocomo-Sea Breeze Residential Community is for responsible people who care. To register for your lot(s) simply respond to this email to us directly requesting the scheme plan map with the lot numbers. Either way we do our best to get you the lot you selected.

Feel free to ask any questions at any time. Cocomo staff are standing by to assist.

Malo e lei, lei,


'CV' Seabreeze Section
'Sea Breeze' Maps - Hunga Island
'Sea Breeze' Sections
Bolthole, Retirement, 2nd-Home in Paradise
We offer, for the first time, an inexpensive way to have a 'BoltHole, Retirement or 2nd-Home in the SAFE, beautiful uncrowded South Pacific... in the 'Kingdom of Tonga' & FIJI specifically, in a new, ocean-view Expat community on native lands.

One does NOT have to be a 'hedge fund manager' or rich ! ! !BoltHole, Retirement, 2nd-Home, 'Hideaway'

PARADISE for $5,970. - PAY in BITCOINS !
Ocean-front/view lots at these LOW prices with an excellent chance of property values increasing here due to the current low prices and limited supply of land available to non-Tongans ! Likely appreciation, vs. gambling in the rigged stock and bond markets !

Last 'inventory' ocean-view/island lee-side lots # 50 out of 89 originally offered, available @ US$5,500. !

Southern Hemisphere vs. Northern 'Rat-Race'
Live like a king $1,000./mo. - 'taxes' all of $1.00/day per ocean-view lot......... abundasnt fishing, fresh air, beautiful waters and friendly people....without jammed freeways, pollution, BS politicians wasting money and crowds....what more could one ask for ?
Reasons to Consider 'Tonga' NOW !

1. FINANCING = 3 equalpayments same as cash ! 2. If one suspects the worst, which can be war and war can be nuclear, then get out of the Northern Hemisphere. 3. When you understand that, go to the Southern Hemisphere and there a few eliminate. Places where the treacherous drug culture gangs have thrived, like Central & South America and South Africa. 4. Remaining are AU, NZ and a couple more sisters of the US & EU Illuminati, and US operated SP island nations, which will be in the same boat as USA mainland. 5. Safest move - Independent island nations like Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu, with nothing of major interest to the acquiring and controlling nation()s. 6. Vanuatu has Malaria, so that's out. 7. Fiji has had a military coup. 8. TONGA is not only the first choice for all the reasons, including, you can actually afford to live there; TONGA is the only choice after eliminating other locations !

Beautiful Ocean - Tonga & Fiji !
Got THIS where you live ? Join us in TONGA !
Available Developed Vava'u Island Properties

'Harbour of Refuge' 100% occupied MALL - 100% or 50% purchase available now !

1.3 acres Harborside Lodge & 10 rental units - US$589,000.

250 m2 luxury waterfront 'DREAM' residence - SERIOUSLY REDUCED ! SOLD !

Contact us for details on these properties or with your dream property request.
Boutique Expat. Villages on Village Lands
NEW NEWS: Development investment opportunities may still exist in this, the 1st community on 'Kingdom of Tonga' AND 'Fijian' Village lands AND subsequent village developments, surely - EXCEPTIONAL projected ROI and we have the experience from using the same successful Business Model as we are using in Tonga !

Don't be fooled by paying many times over for 'freehold' land, when new law requires a min. $250,000. home be built within 2 years !

Planning Ahead !
"Foreign real estate and business operations help to insulate your financial fate from that of the U.S. or any country's economy. And foreign real estate would be a difficult puzzle for government planners trying to develop a program of capital controls."
'A Series of Hurdles Followed by a Cliff'
Fear of Going Abroad by Jeff Thomas
No $$$$$ ? ? - Sell something ! !
Fear of Going Abroad - Part II

NE aerial view of Hunga Island

article link

Internationalize Yesterday
"At this point it should be abundantly clear there is no such thing as due process or the rule of law in the US anymore; rather, Americans live under the whims of the government. Not so different from Russians living under the whims of the Putin. This is what political risk is all about. And why you need to diversify internationally. When your government starts arbitrarily seizing skyscrapers [650 5th Ave., NYC], the time to start thinking about and devising an internationalization strategy was yesterday."article link

Record Number of Americans Renouncing Citizenship !
article link
230 Million 'Expats' Worldwide - They Know Something !
article link
Worst Law Most Americans Never Heard Of
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Are there ANY PIONEERS left in western countries ?
Are you a 'Pioneer' or a 'Sheeple' ?

100% leased shopping mall 'For Sale' in Tonga; 'oceanfront 'Dream Home' as well as a unique 'boutique' resort also available - each a one-of-a-kind opportunity !

Where is YOUR 'Bolthole' Mr Smith ?
Plan 'B' = Bolthole in 'Paradise' - Fiji or Tonga

ESCAPE increasing taxes, Gov't Controls & terrorism !

Join us in FIJI .... uncrowded, peaceful South Pacific !FIJI, South Pacific

Contact us NOW before they are gone !
Ocean-view parcels # 39 & 40 just acquired by 'smart' investor !

There are only THREE [3] ocean-view parcels still available out of 89 offered, and subject to prior sale; the adjacent parcels are offered in pairs only, for just US$10,000. - a savings of $1,900. ! For lots Section 'B' # 34 & #37 add US$700., as these 2 are a resale and closest to the lagoon !

The other 3 adjacent lots are US$10,000. offered in pairs only, [2 adjacent], and 1 as single-lots, Section 'C # 56, 67 & 58 - are US$5,500. each; all 3 parcels for US$15,000.

Imagine what these 'safe-haven' ocean-view parcels could be worth as western nations continue to deteriorate more - financially and socially !

A Xi 'FIJI' Marketing Project
1 of 5 best islands to reside in the world !

"If you want to get off the tourist track but not stray too far from superb diving, cool waterfalls and friendly villages, Vanua Levu is the Fiji that you have always imagined.

Why move here? If vanishing from the planet sits anywhere near the top of your to-do list, Vanua Levu may be the island for you. This second largest Fijian isle remains pleasantly undiscovered and thoroughly unpretentious.

The mountainous island is smothered in jungle and surrounded by a labyrinth of coral reefs and some of the worlds best diving. Much of the island is accessible only by foot or boat, and along vast stretches of shoreline you will never hear the din of traffic. Follow a trail up into the hills and you could end up at a waterfall with a clear cold pool or at a natural hot spring.

The islands two main towns are a world apart. Located on the drier, northwestern side of the island, Labasa is a busy market town and home to the majority of the islands Indian population. Sugarcane and pine forests cover the surrounding countryside and just offshore lies one of the worlds longest barrier reefs.

The south side is lush, palm-riddled and spectacularly beautiful, with the occasional colonial manor house peeking out from a coconut plantation. Here, expat life centers around the town of Savusavu, set on the edge of one of the largest and most protected bays in the South Pacific. Between May and October, the bay is a regular stop on the transpacific yacht circuit. My window to the world, says Hans Boernke, a German who has lived on Vanua Levu for nearly 15 years. The restored Copra Shed along the Savusavu waterfront is the hub of social life with open-air cafes where both the conversation and the draft Fiji Gold flow freely. Or slink into a British state of mind and master your snooker skills at the old Planters Club on the other side of town.

Meet the neighbors As on the big island (Viti Levu), the population of Vanua Levu is about evenly split between native Fijians and Indians. The former tend to live in villages, the latter in Labasa and other towns. The Fijians, says Boernke, like to talanoa, which means talk a lot, mostly by enjoying their beloved bowl of kava and sharing legends. Do not be fazed when your neighbors (both expat and locals) drop in at any hour of the day to borrow anything they darn well please. Fijian village life is founded on a communal culture where everything from meals to most property items are shared. You may find, says one expat, the whole village will be in your house sharing the use of your possessions. Consider this a sign that you are now one of them; sit back, relax and enjoy it.

You know it is an island when ... You find yourself poaching yellowfin tuna over one of the steaming volcanic hot spots around Savusavu that many locals still use for cooking.

Escape clause There are dozens of smaller islands around Vanua Levu that make excellent weekend escapes. Try surfing world-famous Taveuni or if you crave an urban experience, hop the puddle-jumper to Nadi (home to the international airport), just an hour flight away on Viti Levu.

Size: 2,140 square miles Population: 130,000

Median Home Price: $150,000

As long as you do not have a criminal record in your home country, moving to Fiji is fairly easy. Anyone who leases or buys land or sinks at least $200,000 into a business approved by the Fiji Trade and Investment Board can obtain permanent residency."

Islands Magazine

'A Service to the Fijian people'
"At some point, more than the money, a service to the Fijian people that could be monumental and the first of its kind. Read: for the 'spirit' of the offer here."
Once Again, WAKE UP folks !
'Looking Toward a Post-Crash World' - Have a BOLT-HOLE in place !
FIJI - Paradise in the So. Pacific
PRIVATE Investment - FIJI
We are also offering 'sophisticated investors' an opportunity to join us in the development of Expat properties in conjunction with several Fijian Koro [villages] in 2015, similar to
Savusavu, Vanua Levu, FIJI
'Going John Gault'
'Going John Gault' from the book 'Atlas Shrugged'
'Fool Me Twice'
Stickin' Around for This.......sheeple ? ? ?

Pay fewer or NO taxes !
"There is an exclusion for Americans who live abroad for a whole tax year [all except 30 days annually] - it was around $100,000 the last I looked. So there are very good tax reasons for Americans to live abroad. There are even better reasons for Canadians, Europeans, and almost everyone else to leave their native country - many can live 100% tax-free. I guess it's just a sad testimony to the medieval-serf mentality that most people suffer from that few people take advantage of this. They're born someplace, and they stay rooted there, like a plant. Oh well, everybody basically makes his own bed, reaps what he sows, and gets what he deserves". Doug Casey
Mexico Retirement Gone Bad !
Mexico Retirement Gone Bad !
My friends ask why have I relocated to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to retire !?

I emboldened nearly seventy TAXES in the USA !!! Suppose a few were missed ? Ge - likely worse in Europe; understand now ?

Then add in things like surcharges and govt. mandated compliance fees to pass along etc!

Still think this is funny? Not one of these taxes existed 60 years ago, & our nation was one of the most prosperous in the world. We had absolutely no national debt, had a large middle class, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids. What happened ? Can you spell 'career politicians' ?

Ignoring the obvious
Ignoring the Obvious by Jeff Thomas
Bolthole on a Budget - 'Cocomo Village', Tonga
'WHY DO THEY STAY' by Jeff Thomas
'Why Do They Stay ?' [the 'sheeple', that is ?]

Additional Timely Jeff Thomas Articles
Timely Jeff Thomas Articles
Attacks from Within.....when will the Middle Class learn ?
Cyber-attacks from the enemy abroad and and the Feds attacking from Within !Attacks from Within

'The Beautiful Kingdom of Tonga [Video]
Discover Tonga ! [Video]
Discover Tonga - 176 Islands - One Kingdom !
'Tongan Love Song'

How to Tell When the Monopoly Game is Over
For the last 100 years most of the people on earth have been born in a monetary system akin to a huge and complex Monopoly game, and with little say in the matter. We have been moving our tokens around the board, passing 'GO' and hopefully 'Just visiting' jail, most of us, trying to make the best of the game, a game so real we never thought to equate it to that famous Parker Brothers creation; Monopoly. Ta tah!

We bought and sold and mortgaged and no matter what luck or skill we thought we had that produced houses and or hotels in front of us, we still got that lousy $200. every time we made it around the board.... just enough to keep us consuming and in the game earning properties so someone, the winner, can take them from us. The game takes so long that today we are playing where great grandfather left off. We inherit tokens and properties and move along best as can. The game is hard to get out of, kinda like the Mafia. The actual board game is infamous for running a long time, sometimes all afternoon .... yawn, but ye dare not leave the table for fear of some kind of reprisal from the other players because you have become an integral part of their lives, those who think they are going to win the game, if not you. Time will tell and reveal the winner, but the odds of winning are very odd indeed.

The stressing thing about Monopoly is, there is only one winner in the end, and the winner cannot win anything unless you are playing and lose. It is an insidious game in that way.

In this comparison, we have to face the fact that there are going to be an awful lot of losers one day and along the way, for all Monopoly games end sooner or later. The signs are evident by the number of players falling out and abandoning their out of gas tokens. This is the way the game is really played, players fall off and who knows where they go.

The question is: how do you tell when the game is over? The answer is: you can wait till the end when you have nothing left and no one but the winner has anything, and they will have everything, all the property, mortgages and even your token... DUH, the game is over when you feel your first hunger pang.

THERE IS A BETTER WAY......... to manage the game and a little secret that not many know about. You can actually leave the charade and slip out the back. The best way to do that is to tell everyone you are just going to the bathroom and then bolt out the back door and head for the beach. That is where real life is being experienced, where living is free and the monetary system is not a necessity, just a dubious luxury... so bring some if you have any left. A little goes a long way in Paradise........ at 'Cocomo Village', Hunga Island, Vavau, Tonga !

WHY IS IT ? the vast majority of Americans do NOT understand how the USA is deteriorating rapidly ?

'Solution ? LEAVE. The government is leaving the door open now to let those malcontents leave. Next what happens is a blind eye is turned towards crime while the poor victimize the middle and upper class. The poor are the easiest to control. The middle class with a knowledge of what is really going on has some threat potential. Combined with the poor turned criminal exploiting the middle and upper classes is the government hammering them with increased taxes bearing down heavily. After a season of this then comes the shut down of the borders, in and out. Then you are in for the long haul until the new system collapses, like they all do'.

Ms. Aurelia Masterson is an associate of Panama Legal law firm 'Panama Law'. She has years of experience in the field and now shares her observations of current events, politics, and law with the Internet community. She can be contacted at: .

Be prepared with our "Survival Insurance" - inexpensive ocean-view lots in Tonga, the South Pacific, in the Southern Hemisphere ! Get Out of Dodge !

Enjoy the very affordable, clean & safe Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific, where our private island 'Cocomo Village' thrives, vs. your version of KoKomo, IN; No KoKomo Kars allowed on our island, just golf carts and some ATVs + boats in the protected 525-acre lagoon !

Retire or 'second-home' in 'Paradise' instead of suffering a lowering standard-of-living in the U.S. with ever-increasing forms of taxation to pay for the politicians' boondoggles !

Retire to the REAL Paradise - Tonga, the South Pacific !
.................not to over-priced & over-promoted 'Taco Terrain' in Mexico, Central & So. America or CERTAINLY NOT to Florida !
Time to LIVE in the SOUTHERN Hemisphere !
Move to the SAFER Southern Hemisphere

'Baby Boomer Wealth Destruction'
Wake up 'Babyboomers ! Where do you think the fed, states & municipalities are going to get $$$$$$$ to pay for worker pensions, salaries and to fill street 'potholes' ? From YOU, in the form of ever-increasing taxes on EVERYTHING !

On the other hand, our real estate taxes are about $1.00 per day per US$4,950. [$5,950. as of 01-03-12] ocean-front island lot ! We suggest you acquire one or two lots at below-market prices before they increase and availability becomes short ! The “THIRD and final step in the systematic destruction of a whole generation’s wealth,” we have statistical evidence to bear out his forecast.

The generation in question is the baby boomers. The first step in the destruction of their wealth was the dot-com bubble. The second step was the real estate and credit bubble.

Step THREE is a bubble in fixed income... starting with U.S. Treasuries.

Worldwide, investors have pulled $34 billion out of stock mutual funds this year... and plowed $75 billion into bonds.

In the United States, according to EPFR Global, stock mutual funds and ETFs have had a net inflow of $4 billion this year... while fixed-income managers have seen a tsunami amounting to $86 billion.

And what are all those “risk-averse” investors getting for their trouble?

A 10-year Treasury note yields 1.93% this morning. But consumer prices rose 3.4% in the last 12 months. So even by the addled standards of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you’re losing 1.5% of purchasing power every year. Before taxes.

This is no accident. It’s policy, said Addison in June — when the yield on the 10-year was 2.95%! Even if, in the end, we discover it’s accidental policy.

Negative real interest rates are how the federal government will try to pay down some of its staggering debt.”

Thus, the final destruction of the Boomers’ retirement...

'Transition 2012 & The Tree of Liberty'


We did it! He did it! She did it! They did it! You can too! This is how to and even a little of why in there as well.

To make this change from your homeland in the Northern Hemisphere, where most of us lived and endured, you need to go south and west, cross over the equator and then you can breathe deeply again. It is actually that simple. People run off to paradise all the time when they take a holiday to Tahiti or Fiji or even that lovely little island group called 'Tonga'. They pack a suitcase and get on a plane and fly to where life thrives. 12 hours more or less from most places up there will have you in a whole new world, but like driving from San Jose California to Portland Oregon, (630 miles) it just takes a little travel time. At least when flying you do nOt have to stop for gas and meals are served while someone else drives. Not too bad really.

Now, if you want to live here in paradise; 'just do it', to get Nike about it. After you arrive, just stick a stick in the ground and declare the place your home, and then stay there. That is accomplished by not using your return ticket. So, moving to the South Pacific is as easy as taking a holiday/vacation and merely continuing on with that experience. I know; there is a little more to it, but only as much you want to make of it.

To be fair know that different countries require different things of you to allow you to legally take up residence for more than 6 months at a time. Some countries, Fiji and Tonga, require that you fly out after you have been in the country for 6 months, but you can fly right back in the next day and go for another six months and repeat that every six months, if you prefer to do that over securing a residency visa. Some people live like that and have no problem just flying out to a nearby island country, say from Tonga to Fiji or Fiji to Tonga and back. That takes about an hour and twenty minutes of your time each way. The cost varies but generally $450-$500 USD or so for the round trip.

The other way to become a more permanent resident and not have to ever fly out again is to apply for a residency visa, which is renewable and, conditionally, good forever. Tonga seems to be the easiest to qualify for such a residency. They have basically two kinds of residency visas, one is working/business and the other is nonworking/retired. The nonworking visa requirements are simple, just show an assured income of $10,000 Tongan dollars, or about $6000 USD/CA/AU in annual income. Most retirement or disability incomes suffice. Sometimes they will just accept a bank account that looks bigger than theirs.

The other visa offered in Tonga is a working/business visa where to qualify for that you need to invest $50K Tongan dollars or about half of that at $28,000 USD. Not a lot of money to invest in a business, but some businesses are cheap to set up and operate in Tonga. For example; there is a catamaran tour boat for sale there for $29,000. Buying the boat qualifies you for the business visa and residency. People have just moved out and bought a boat or a home as a business and then use it for business. Using these two countries as an example, you can see that getting the legal right to reside is not too difficult. Of course, if you just arrived with your suitcase and decided to stay as a more permanent resident, you would have to work out with your homeland banks how to wire transfer those sums over. Best to arrange that before flying out and that usually means selling everything and getting liquid. There is a visa application process, but not worth getting into since opening a bank account these days in most banks can be ridiculously more complex. You do need a health certificate for the visa, probably not for opening a new bank account—not yet.

I could make a bigger deal of this move to paradise, but it isn’t really necessary. After you live here you see how simple it was to achieve, then frequently you think you are still not far enough away from that crumbling tower up there. Looking back is always easier than looking ahead. Of course, there are issues in any move of what to do with your stuff. The best solution generally is: just sell it and all of it. The cost of shipping what is valuable has to be weighed against replacing it. Cars for example, talking about used ones, are cheaper to buy in paradise than the cost to ship yours and then yours probably has the steering wheel on the wrong side. Nearly useless in any place where the English have been. Anyway, it is fitting that driving on the other side of the world would be on the other side of the road. Don’t worry about adapting to the switch over, even the Tongans drive on the wrong side of the road. At least they go slow and with both hands on the wheel and one foot on the gas and the other on the brake.

Household goods are all available in these island countries. Most of the electric power is 220-240 volt, so 110 v appliances don’t work without a voltage drop device. Sell the old stuff and take the cash with you and buy new or used gear in the land where you intend to live. Everyone has their favorite things they can’t live without, so ship them, but sure enough you actually can live without most of these things because for some reason living suddenly becomes the most important thing and things lose their cling. Kind of like going to Heaven, you don’t even need shoes anymore. Thongs and a pair of Crocs or even the $10. Croc replicas are good enough to go to the opera in. 'What opera' ? The wife just said with a little displeasure. [Nothing is perfect]. I told her I was writing about the phantom opera in Tonga. OK, so some things we are missing, but the local native gigs make up for it and are quite an experience. If these shows were ever taken on the road to London, NY or San Francisco, they might be a bigger hit than the played out Phantom of the Opera. I know, nobody really liked that one - they just pretended. The point I am making is; you can’t have everything, but some things you will never miss while living here that you can’t live without back home today. TV is one of them.

This anti-TV talk could take me hours and pages, but yes, they have satellite TV in these islands and you can have it, all you want, but the distraction outside window of what nature is showing, the ocean scene, the whales passing by below or natives in canoes fetching your dinner, tends to distract us from what some faked up bizarre life situation is playing on the Tube. Who wants to watch Discovery Channel’s featuring of new killer weapons with life like gelatin filled dummies set up to take a bullet hit as entertainment? When you get out from under the TV ether you will not be interested in the demented '1984' TV news either. Sports may be another thing, but I have seen a room full of people at the Vava'u yacht club assemble there especially to watch “the game” and within a few minutes, few are paying attention. One avid fan said; 'You know, since living out here, I have lost some interest in beaming into the screen watching guys running around throwing or kicking a ball at each other. However, I can see now how confined prisoners would certainly be into it'. Are we prisoners in our homelands and just don’t get it?

I just heard you say: what about my home back home, my job, my, my well even family? I agree; flying back home everyday would be like commuting to work by car from Portland to San Jose, not practical. So, you have to quit your job, if you are unlucky enough to have one. Most don’t these days, or not for long, so we hear. If you can conjure up enough cash to meet the annual requirements for the visa, you can live so cheap that you do NOt need a job. Some people live off of what grows in their back yard. No one ever starved in these islands. Actually, quite to the obvious contrary, indeed. For hundreds of years and way before money was introduced out here, and way before imported corned beef was brought in, people lived quite well and actually, frankly and unwittingly, lived much better, much healthier. People live fine in paradise that have never had any money. In fact, there is an interesting correlation; the less money you have the better your health and life, if health is the core key to a good life. So, if you canNOt sell your home, back home, do what so many wisely have, just leave it. If you can’t convert it into useful cash, what good is it? Don’t feel sorry for the bank(sters), just in case that was a consideration. You can have any kind and size of home you want in the islands, just a matter of money is all. Labor is cheap, materials are more expensive. The offset is a plus here which manifests in cheaper houses.

In the islands you can live very well with little more than a traditional bure, or fale as these grass huts are called along the beach. Grass huts work pretty well actually, and they have some very fancy ones. Some of the highest priced hotels use them as guest cottages, so you could suffer like their guests too, and they pay thousands for the experience. Granted, the gold fixtures and fancy extras are part of the hotel experience, but what does a toilet cost? To build a grass house can be cheap. Ask any native how much they paid a thousand years ago, even a hundred, even Fifty. Zero is the price then and now, if you learn how.

I am trying to knock the chocks out from under your tires, you know, those blocks that keep wheels from moving. Most blocks are in the mind, so just change your mind is the simple answer. Granted, there is one area that has a tremendous tie around our mind that one cannot just sell off and renew at the other end of the trail. Family, friends and especially your own kids and maybe grandkids—they are living weight to your fate. They have a hold on us and bind us to our status quo. The only valid excuse for your moving a bit further might be; you will set up a place for them in paradise too. So when the time comes, just fly to where our parents and grandparents have historically always held the homestead.

When I have asked some folks when was the last time you were physically together with your loved ones, many say, well, years, in some cases. When I ask how far away they live, most say over 600 miles. My point is: if they didn’t see them because the drive of 600 miles took too long, then they can justify the move to paradise because it takes about the same time to travel there or back, that being all day, same as driving the 600 miles. Yes, it costs more to fly, but at least you can do it. What you save in living expenses might allow two trips per year. Check this out.

Cost of living: We have had a home in both Fiji and Tonga and at the same time. In both places, if you are using solar panels, electric power has no monthly bill. In Fiji, without solar, we pay up to FJD $70 or in US dollars about $40 USD per month in electric and we waste the stuff. The water bill in USD is under $3. per month, the phone is what you make it but considering you will be calling home regularly, like we do, ours is about US$55. each month. Gas for the propane oven and hot water heater is about US$25. each month. House and land taxes are ZERO in Fiji. In Tonga, figure one dollar per day. Car insurance is $65. per year or choose a boat instead of a car ! House insurance is 1% of insured value. Food is wild and free from the yard and from the purposeful garden; we just had to buy the seeds. We buy the fresh fish, the best at about $1.50 per pound. The open native market has about everything the garden has and much more. Some things are so cheap, like bananas, that even though we grow them, we still buy them at the market. We have hundreds of free coconuts, but they are up the tree, (called the tree of life and for good reasons—in WWII, they used the coconut water in lieu of blood plasma) so for about 60 cents each, we can buy them husked and ready to drink or eat. There are some tasty foods native to the islands that have local names that sound like Monsanto pesticides, but they are over the moon tasty, and with no chemicals. We use passion fruit vines as a decorative cover for a water tank and the fresh fruit is the bonus.

Imported goods are what cost real money. Most of it you can actually live without, well, except ketchup. Vermont made pure maple syrup is another vice. So, you pay double maybe. Use it sparingly and savor what is imported and most likely unhealthy. The saying: too much of a good thing is not good for you, certainly applies to many of these high priced packaged goods. Food and healthy diet 'R US' is how to see the additional benefit of living in paradise. So many people have healing stories about throwing out the big pharma medicines in lieu of some strange leaves and teas. To put it bluntly, you are not going to get genuinely healthy food in our homelands, just not possible given what has transpired over the years there. Even if you live on the farm, something is messed, GMO food being one big factor. The soil is played out, or the radioactive fallout from Japan in the soil is played in. A book could be written about that situation, but in the islands, no fallout, no GMO, no depleted soil or generally, not any pesticides either. (2714 words).

OK, so I hit my number-of-words limit but there is so much more. Look for 'Page Two' and the rest of the story coming soon; meanwhile, get on with selling out of what is going down and buying in [Vava'u, Tonga] what is moving up.

As ever, Robert Bryce"


Southern vs. Northern Hemisphere
Relocate to the Southern Hemisphere with 10% of the world's population from the Northern Hemisphere, where 90% of the world's population exists [with ever-increasing problems] !

Tonga, in the South Pacific, is a fine example of a beautiful, unspoiled, low-populated relocation 'Haven' in this world of turmoil !

Tonga (Matangi Tonga, July 6, 2011) - In Tonga, Lord Fulivai has been appointed by King George Tupou V as the new Governor of Vava'u, effectivefrom July 1.

Lord Fulivai was a Parliamentarian in 2009

A Letter of Appointment was delivered to Lord Fulivai at his home in Nuku'alofa yesterday, 5 July, the Prime Minister's Office confirmed today.

Lord Fulivai who is in his 30's is probably Vava'u's youngest Governor.

He was a former Vava'u Noble's Representative who first entered the TonganParliament on July 30, 2009. He was not re-elected in last year's election. Lord Fulivai's estates are Hunga, Fangalepa and Loto'uiha in Vava'u.

He takes over from former Acting Governor of Vava'u Lord Sevele of Vailahi(also known Dr. Feleti Sevele), Tonga's former Prime Minister who ended his acting appointment on June 30. Lord Sevele was appointed by the King in Privy Council as Acting Governor of Vava'u on August 27, 2010.

The Reality Detached American - Video 3 Jun. '11
The Reality Detached American
We ae NOW offering ocean-view cottages at 'Cocomo Village' for those 'savvy' individuals who would like a 'turn-key' solution to having a private island home without the responsibility of building !

These 'Cocomo Cottages' will be available as 'guest cottages' and simultaneously 'For Sale'; if you are part-year resident of 'Cocomo Village', rent your cottage to prospective 'Cocomo Village' neighbors or select tourists ! The cottages will be built, by individuals, either straddling 2 lots or on the middle lot of 3 consecutive lots for barrier lots on each side of the center building lot ; choose your 2 or 3-lots location NOW for the best location ! Lots AND cottage packages for well-under US$100,000. !

Cottage images as examples only.
'Trigger Points'

Neiafu, Port of Refuge Harbor, Vava'u
"There is no rabbit, and the hat is falling apart at the seams. All I can suggest, and this to the tiniest fraction of the population, is that if you are going to remain in the U.S., to tough it out and live among the ruins, as it were, one thing you can do is stay awake. Read Hedges and Nader and Chomsky. Read Walter Hixson and Sacvan Bercovitch and William Appleman Williams. Stay in touch with truthdig, alternet, commondreams, and the rest of the websites that offer serious political analysis instead of mainstream media B.S. Form study groups, and not just virtual ones. Because the choice is not whether or not the country (USA) is going to die: it is, do not be deluded on that score. All I am suggesting is that ignorance is not bliss, and that it is better to die with your eyes open and your boots on, than to be part of the huge mass of lemmings slowly drifting toward the abyss".

Ocean-View Hunga Island, Vava'u, Tonga 'Cocomo Village' Lots for Only US$4,950. Each - JOIN US !

Becoming an Expat
Decline of America & Becoming An Expat

2012 Regatta Vava'u, Tonga

Become Part of Our New Cottage Eco-Resort !
Henry David Thoreau
The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation ?
Mark Twain
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

$14 million in Tahiti vs. $17,000. in Tonga !
"Motu Moie, Tahiti island for US$14,000,000. .... or a few ocean-view island lots in Vava,u, Tonga for US$14,000. ?" Tonga vs. Tahiti ? ? ?
The American Dream Is O - V - E - R !
Wall St. & Fed PONZI SCAMS - Stay & get SCREWED further !
Why are so many Westerners almost totally "clueless" about the reality of our present collapse and DEPRESSION ? Ask us for a copy of a current report on the sad state of the current situation !
About 1/2 of the Americans surveyed felt they are no longer living the "American Dream" - therefore, live the 'American Vava'u, Tonga ! Live the American Vava'u, Tonga !
U.S. Cities with HIGH & Increasing Crime Rates !
GET OUT OF: 1. St. Louis: 530, 2. Atlanta: 484, Birmingham, Alabama (tie): 380, 3. Orlando (tie): 380, 5. Detroit: 369, 6. Memphis: 361, 7. Miami: 346, 8. Baltimore: 339, 9. Kansas City, Missouri: 337, 10. Minneapolis (tie): 331 or 10. Cleveland (tie): 331, INTERESTED IN GETTING OUT OF ONE OF THESE HIGH-CRIME-RIDDEN CITIES AND RETIRE - LIVE IN SAFER, QUIET, CLEAN-AIR VAVA'U, TONGA, RATHER THAN SOME USSA CITY WITH EVER-INCREASING CRIME, CONGESTION & TAXES ! (average U.S. crime-rate = 100 vs. the rates above AND the crime will just get worse ! ) 11 Most Dangerous U.S. Cities
How Do You Wish to Spend Your Winters ?
Freezing your _ _ _ off ? (left photo)...............OR (right photo)?
And as Jeff concludes, this author is quote, in the process of planting flags in order to protect themselves against the effects of the coming economic storm. end quote with current residency in Baja California, Mex., for the time being and enroute Tonga, business registered in H.K. and opening a bank account in a South Pacific island nation. IHD VIRUS

USA Debt Clock
USA Debt Clock

Global Banking Cartel: Eliminate the Middle Class
Wake Up Folks: Learn about the Global Banking Cartel, IMF & World Bank goal: to Eliminate the Middle Class and Control Society, using destruction of the U.S. Dollar, wars and 'war on terrorism' to accomplish their goals !Global Banking Cartel

Hunga Island Looking ENE
Hunga Island Looking W
Unspoiled Kingdom of Tonga - So. Pacific

Thinking About Leaving the Rat-Race ?
About 19,000 of us out of over 6-billion people (going on 7) on this planet are living free and secure here in 'Paradise'. 19,000 is the population of Vavau which comprises a growing expat community from all over the world. 'We found it', is the message, the ultimate place to live.

This is an invitation for you to join us. We have room for just a few more, and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get a Residency Visa ! Investing in your own or any business for just a minimum of $26,000. USD earns you a Business vVisa. A retirement (non-working) Visa requires only $5,500 USD in ANNUAL assured income to qualify. Where in the world is it easier than residing in Tonga?

Like the foot soldier that made it to the safe bunker, we are home-free, or free from home, as it might more accurately be restated. We are now in full control over our lives here in paradise. We are self-sufficient. We do not rely on any system in the hands of others that might fail us. We provide our own electric power, water and even food and lots of it. We are insulated from the worst that might come to pass and yet, in the event of the best of all of what the world might actually render up, we would still chose this paradise to live and prosper.

We lack nothing that was vital or important back home. We have stores, building supplies, restaurants, hotels and even a mini shopping mall. Some of us have been here for many years. Even back when the world was a better place; this was still the best place. In our paradise, not much has changed. We live a life that is depicted as what Heaven is like. Fruit, none forbidden, with gardens of free food, tropical forests, blue skies, azure seas and white sandy beaches, and just like in Heaven, no serpents, snakes, wild animals nor any critters that can harm us. We have no snakes, dragons or deadly anything in our Heavenly haven. Not many places in the world can boast of being able to allow an unattended child to roam freely about and never fear anything will harm child or adult, for there is nigh or nothing so inclined in this paradise. We are like you, some of us from near and some from afar: Canada, London, Malibu, New York, California and Austria, Germany, Italy, AU, NZ and Norway, Mexico and even South America. The reasons why we live in this remarkable place run very deep and might take many pages to thoroughly explain, but for the sake of those who have little time or penchant, I will recap the driving forces.

We live in the Vavau Island Group, one of the four island groups in the Kingdom of Tonga and the one that wins in about every category that people use to chose a new place to live on the planet. We will get into these reasons, choices and why Vavau, but first, we might want to set the stage for why some of these choices even need to be considered. The reasons for any of us to move from our homelands range from urgent to why bother. Vavau remains the logical choice regardless of the reasons of urgency or complacency. I have found that the people who study the world situation in depth, some with hundreds of hours of research, tend to believe that we are headed for a worldwide crisis—save for a very few ports of refuge. There are few places on earth that are impervious to these concerns, warranted or not, and the aptly named 'Port of Refuge' of Vavau Tonga is one.

The folks who have studied the world situation see a looming worldwide meltdown on the horizon in spite of what most of our smiling leaders are telling their nervous herds and flocks. Cowboys have been deceiving cattle since they invented slaughterhouses. Mesmerizing and reassuring voices of exalted ones whom we trust singing 'Home on the Range', keep us grazing right into the stockyard. Those who are aware of the phenomenon claim that this time we have a disaster on our horizon that is unlike anything endured ever before and it is caused by something we have never experienced before. The matter being, in part, something to do with having tapped out both economic and human growth with populations that reached the limit of what earth can support. The huge demanding consumption by our cities and countries of our 6-billion (and growing) termites are eating the place up. They say we are hitting the walls of the limits of what the earth can tolerate in its loss of its vital resources. This combined with a similar situation in the monetary system which is wholly dependent upon enormous growth; we are set up for a multiple car-train wreck. It is a little like the guy who jumped off the Empire State Building, as he passed the 23rd floor, he remarked aloud that everything was just fine, save for it being a bit windy. The termite colony that finally eats the entire house loses it all on the same day too. A rude awakening is in store, they assure us.

Those who have taken the time to study what we have done to ourselves offer another analogy, that being; the effects of exponential progression which can be related to rampant population growth. Using a football stadium as the visual, they say to best understand how population growth and diminishing food resources can sneak up on us like a hungry thief in the night. Picture the illustration of how just one drop of water placed in the stadium, allowing it to double every minute until it grows such that it overflows the highest seats of the stadium. It takes the stadium awhile to fill up to five feet of water below, and from that five foot level, in just seven minutes the water will be over the high seats. The point being, we are approaching the five foot level in the stadium of life and we humans cannot comprehend the thing we have done to ourselves. Nor can we comprehend the speed at which it can happen that we hit the walls of resources. We are wrecking the place, evidence the Gulf oil volcano. At some point the acceleration of it occurs so rapidly, like an atomic explosion, which will be too late to do anything about it in the time left as it explodes in our faces.

The first to get hit hard will be the cities since they are wholly reliant upon everything delivered and provided by people and systems they have no idea of who they are. The students of this phenomenon tell us that all of the big world leaders have their hideouts and safe havens all lined up. They have their own lifeboats, but what about you?

We have a little haven in the Grand South Pacific and ever separate from the continuing perils and conflicts of the 'Nordstrom Hemisphere'. We are safely secure in our tropical isle as if in a magical castle with a big moat around it. We don’t know what to believe for certain either, but in any event, we are about as secure here as one could be on this assuredly changing planet. The worst case scenario might just be an enhanced version of 'Chicken Little' where the sky is falling. In keeping with the fairy tales, we chose this place for less vile reasons, more like for Alice in Wonderland experiences of living in a fun and amusing place that can laugh at the serious world on the other side. The virtues of Vavau need to be laid out in order that you might be able to make comparisons.

Assuming the worst, Vavau is out of harms way from about anything man or nature could fling our way. The island group is rising, not sinking, and is protected by a huge reef and island system that keeps us in a safe and secure lake-like environment in the middle of the ocean. Some of the island cliffs are barriers are over 600 feet high. Tsunami that if you can. On the brighter side, we have all of the attributes of the first choice in lifestyle living. Start with the air: you can’t see it, which can be scary at first since it doesn’t appear to be there. No soot, smog, dust nor chemical pollutants to remind you it is at hand. So you breathe deeper naturally and, remarkably, the body responds. The water is as soft and pure as rainwater falling through clean air; for that is where we get our most potable essence of life, from the see-through, blue sky. The grass is truly greener. The earth is naturally rich and has not been depleted nor artificially recharged with chemicals that synthetically stimulate what results in fake food. When you eat a home-grown tomato from Tonga, you taste it and feel it working like Popeye did with his spinach. Real food is a wholly another study and how that is part of what is having us loving it here. Fish: imagine the kind that are not running on oil or eating it so we can too. Clean, unpolluted and vital are the expected in these crystalline waters where you can see 100 feet deep. This is just another thing to get used to when you come from the polluted bays where you cannot see anything but the surface of the water. I remember feeling a sensation akin to a fear of heights when I first looked down into the water while stepping from the boat to the deep-water dock. I could see to the bottom as clearly as through the air. It was like living in an artificial world, but it was real.

Anything this beautiful back home would have had to been fake; something from a theme park. In Vavau we live in natures own naturally made theme park. The entire island group is like a huge resort, the world’s largest perhaps, within find numerous restaurants, hotels, accommodation choices and supplies to build your own resort or home as you might see fit.

So what about building a home here and living happily ever after? Got to live somewhere; might as well be Paradise. Building a home is something you can hire out with confidence. You just need to select a good place to have that home. How about in a community of like minded folks who enjoy the neighborhood environment with maybe a house next door, even if you can’t see it through your own private jungle? On the island of Hunga in the Vavau lake-like water wonderland there is a community of about 70 home-sites offered very recently, with probably a few left by the time you are done reading this. The sites are on a 1,000 acre island within the great reef protected inter-island waterway, about 12 miles from the main island where the main town and airport, hospital and suppliers are located. There is a large deep-water lagoon where boats are insulated from the sea outside, safe to moor there year-round.

The name of the new community underway is 'Cocomo Village'. This month they tell me the price will go from $3,850 to $4,950 USD. Anyway, at twice the price that is certainly a bargain. And the view is absolutely spectacular, if you can imagine looking safely from the lofty height of 150 feet out to the open ocean below with the big island of 'Late' before you in the distance. The sunset is right there with nothing in the way of your watching that golden ball slowly drop into the sea. The scene is quite inspiring. During the whale season, pods of Humpbacks swim to Vavau and frolic right below 'Cocomo Village', the newest eco-development in Tonga. The huge but docile Humpbacks put on their show of spy hopping by leaping high into the air and hang there with their massive tail flukes treading water till they fall back into the sea with a huge splash. This is how they look around and over waves. It is in the Vavau waters that the Humpback whales migrate each year to bear their young. A mother and child sight to behold, and you can even swim with them in Vavau - imagine that! These islands are the magnificent Humpbacks safe-haven choice too. When in doubt, do what the whales do. 'Cocomo Village' is a 'whale' of an idea !

For more on Vavau and in particular the 'Cocomo Village', visit our web site. You will be glad you did.

As ever,

Robert Bryce

'Cocomo Village', Hunga Island, Vava'u, Tonga
Hunga Lagoon Entrance & Fresh OJ On the Way

One of Many Beautiful Tonga Beaches
An Island is Much Safer than Mainland Mex. So./Cen. America!
***** TONGA HEAVEN IN 2016 *****
WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR MORE WESTERN 'SHEEPLE' POPULATIONS TO GET THE MESSAGE ? "I have determined that it is hopeless and futile to try to change the mind of those so solidly caught in the mind trap of all is well, well, sort of, but like the deer in the headlights, they don’t run, just stand there waiting to be run over." Robert Bryce 2010

'As a Sovereign Individual, you know your personal liberties are under constant siege and that your government will stop at nothing to get its hands on your private information and control your wealth. Every time I think: 'I have seen it all', something happens to honest, hardworking citizens like you that make me want to fight even harder to find a way out.

And OUT might be the only way to go, before it is too late, with injustices like these:

Just last week, House Democrats passed a bill eliminating certain tax benefits for independent professionals and small business owners. Now, millions of us -- lawyers, doctors, writers, athletes and entrepreneurs. -- will have to pay FICA taxes on all our income, including dividends. (This is a HUGE tax increase.)

This tax comes on top of a new requirement (part of the new healthcare law) that requires businesses to report all sales transactions exceeding $600 to the IRS. (Talk about a costly paperwork nightmare!)

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is trying to force many 'safe haven' countries to change THEIR privacy laws, demanding that they surrender the names and data of their U.S. customers. (This week, when the Swiss parliament rejected such a 'deal'; the U.S. IRS promised 'to pursue all legal options available' to get its hands on thiS, perhaps your sensitive information.)

Our lawmakers and leaders are more determined than ever to strip us of our liberties and our hard-earned and quickly devaluing dollars. And that makes it more important than ever to fight back: OR TO GET OUT while the gettin’s as good as it will ever get. Bob Bauman, Sovereign Society 14 June 2010 Secure Liberties OFFSHORE before they are lost !

TONGA - the 'Tahiti' of 70 Years Ago !


Only 89 lots initially offered, (ABOUT 7 remaining) overlooking the sea, above the waves and with a view that would make Crusoe envious.

Acquire 3 lots and secure privacy on each side of a building-site; you will be so glad you did - just wait and see, as the world becomes more and more politician-induced........ dysfunctional.

Hunga Lagoon Entrance (l) & Neiafu town, Vava'u (r)
Gamefishing Boats & Hunga Island Sunset

'Aftershock' by Widemerer & Spitzer
If you REALLY want to learn what is happening in the U.S. and world economies, read the above titled book ! You will learn why we are recommending a SAFE-HAVEN in the Southern Hemisphere Paradise - the Kingdom of Tonga - NOW !'Aftershock' by Widemerer & Spitzer (link)





IMAGINE..........retiring affordably (or 2nd home, 'escape' Lifeboat getaway if needed) in the unspoiled island nation of Tonga, in the South Pacific with access to other English-speaking island nations plus "need a city fix" - travel to New Zealand, Australia & Fiji ! Will YOU be one of the fortunate few ?

MEDIAN HOME PRICE ON MAUI - $1.5 MILLION - Why live in the suburbs on a Pacific Island, when a similar home in Vava'u, Tonga is less than 1/10 the cost and truly in a South Pacific Paradise !

THINK ABOUT IT.....have a "safe haven" just in case, a very affordable retirement spot in Paradise for now or later or a tropical 2nd home location.

Why "Just Get By" (or not quite) with ever-increasing living expenses in the U.S., when you can "Live Like a King" in the Kindom of Tonga on US$1,000./mo. or less if you own 3 ocean-front lots for JUST US$17,850.and a nice home for more or less than US$25,000. ! FYI, "Americans will pay more in taxes in 2010 than they will spend on food, clothing & shelter combined." (NOT in Tonga !)

As a recent ad for Belize touts: "This Caribbean Island Lifestyle Is Still Within Reach; Condo Prices Start at Only $99,990 US! At This Price, They Won’t Last Long." Another ad seen recently offers 1/2 acres Mexican ocean-front lots starting at only US$45,000.......... we offer safer ISLAND ocean-front 1/2 acre (3) lots in the South Pacific for under US$19,000. ! You decide ..........

Have a private island ocean-view STAND-ALONE HOME in Tonga on 1/2 acre overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean for HALF THE PRICE of a Belize condo !

AFFORDABLE TONGA LIVING & RETIREMENT - Tonga, So. Pacific oceanview island 600 m2 parcels at just US$5,950. (not a typo & introductory pricing) and we suggest buying 3 adjacent parcels for buffer side lots and no one can build in front or behind; homes from US$25,000. & up - your "Escape Home" in the South Pacific -a safe-haven, retirement or 2nd home!

"VOTE WITH YOUR FEET" & "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'M FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND I'M HERE TO HELP." quotes by Ronald Reagan

NO DRUG WARS, border shootings, illegal immigrants, mortgage crisis, forthcoming currancy controls & VAT, mile-long deficits, gangs, increasing taxes in TONGA as in..... the Mess called the U.S. Tongan & English are the official languages - no need for Spanish !

Tonga Living & Retirement 'Lifeboat' Strategies..... When 'Social & Financial Chaos' or more serious 'Terrorism' should add to U.S. dysfunctionalism, one can have an 'Escape Yacht' and perhaps even better, a Plan B "Escape Home" away from major civilization centers ! Tonga in the South Pacific is the answer, with an "Escape Home" and perhaps an "Escape Yacht" ! Formula: (1) own off-shore real estate, (2) move financial assets offshore (3) physically own gold i.e. Bullion Mapleleaf coins ! And The IMF has suggested the creation of a new global reserve currency to replace the U.S. dollar - what does it take for the Babyboomers to get the message ?

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Mark Twain

LOW-COST TONGA LIVING & RETIREMENT - Tonga, So. Pacific oceanview island 600 m2 parcels at just US$5,950. (not a typo) and we suggest buying 3 adjacent parcels for buffer side lots and no one can build in front or behind; homes from US$25,000. & up - your "Escape Home" in the South Pacific -a safe-haven, retirement or 2nd home!

Tired of U.S. Coastal real estate prices, increasing taxes, serious inflation coming, national debt of $200,000. for each taxpayer and more & more government controls - even tired of expensive Hawaii ? Join us in the paradise of Tonga in the South Pacific !

Buy 3 contiguous ocean-view island "Lifeboat Lots" for all of only US$17,850.; join us NOW on this beautiful, Vava'u island, with Tongan Village & protected lagoon !

Leave your version of 'KoKomo' behind and join us in our paradise Cocomo Village, Tonga ! P.S. There is NO MLS in Tonga as claimed by some.......

In our opinion, a South Pacific lifestyle based in the Kindgom of Tonga beats that of relocating to Mexico, Central America or South America !

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered with failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much or suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." by Theodore Roosevelt

Cocomo Village, Vava'u

Hunga Island, Vava'u Island Group
Cocomo Village Aerial - Google Earth Image

Becoming an Expat
On the Decline of America & Becoming an Expat
Ocean-View Vava'u Island Lots for only US$4,950, Each !
Hunga Island Scenes

The Freedom Enigma: Truth Can Set You Free
by David Mac GregorThe Freedom Enigma: Truth Can Set You Free
50 additional listings for retail businesses, beach-front island parcels & homes and beachfront resort businesses. Please email or phone us for details on these properties listed by the original real estate broker in Vava'u !
Ceremony for Hunga Noble - Hon. Fulivai
Hunga Island protected Lagoon


Only $43,500 USD/$68 month (96-years) This 4-acre property is on the beach in the most protected lagoon in all of Vava’u. This lagoon is a popular lagoon for cruising and charter yachts. The property would make a good place for a beach bar or resort. The yachting trade is regular and constant, AND, in these times of economic downturns, Vava’u has more cruisers than in the good times. The message is; if it is not working at home anymore, go sailing until it does. And here they come. That might apply to anyone who is in quandary as what to do with their lives in these times. Paradise was always the obvious choice anytime. The island of Hunga is located about 12 miles from the main island where the International airport and main town are located. The inter-island waterway between is reef protected and safe for small craft in most any weather.

There is a small village on the island, a great resource for good help at most reasonable prices. Plenty of good snorkeling and whales pass just the other side of the lagoon. A deep-water entrance on one side and a small craft entrance on the other give access to the lagoon from the sea and the island group within the reef system.

NW Side of Hunga Island
The So. Pacific Ocean off Hunga Island NNW
'America: Adopted or Hijacked ?'
America, Adopted or Hijacked? Wasting my time? This is how I feel writing about this subject of America the Beautiful and the Big Bad Wolf. Not that I think the time spent trying to explain and relate what I have learned is unworthy and a waste of time, but rather it generally falls upon deaf and disinterested ears. This attitude accounts for the situation we are in. No one knew we were on a path of destruction or bothered to find out what was really going on out there. For the longest time we had no choice anyway since almost all of the information we processed was hand fed to us like how one might feed animals in a zoo. Today, we have no excuse since the real truth of it is all right there on the Internet where knowledge is shared, validated and free.

There is a resistance with most Americans to consider anything might be really out of line or wrong in our grand country that grew out of such a remarkable history and foundation. How could America, a word that once equated good, truth, freedom and right, be transformed into just the opposite? At least this is as most of the world sees us now.

At home we are constantly inundated by the TV with the might and right of the USA and soldier pictures evoking sympathy and empathy for our troops sacrificing themselves for our just causes. Playing off a history of proud American golden years, the tune today somehow just doesn’t really harmonize with the ugly truth. Many Americans are ashamed of what their government has done, or not done in the case of some disasters blamed on unfathomable incompetence. Many world cruising yachts now fly smaller American flags, some carrying a Canadian flag just in case. We are booed in some countries like a felon. What changed things? The answer isn’t blowing in the wind, it is right here in this little discourse.

We have to know deep in our hearts that making war and excusing one curious tragedy and blunder after another is unacceptable. But we respond to these exposed atrocities like a child might who has learned their parents were murderers and worse who killed their own brother and one sister. A child fights the reality of the tragedy and ignores it superficially, but very deep, they know and are scarred. They continue to play and frolic, even more industriously so, ignoring other kids enquires of how weird it must be to live with their murderous parents.

One can go through life in this altered state, or face the music and get clear on the truth and know that, somehow it will set you free.

I have come to terms with the realization that things are not what we have been led to believe by our parental like leaders. The list of abuses these parents of ours perpetrated is long and hard to accept. How we can better accept this situation is to see these parents as both just “step parents” who knocked off our real parents, our beloved founding fathers and mothers. Somewhere along the historical trail, we got a new set of parents. It happened when we were still very young and only today are we old enough and wise enough to see our step-parent government in a clearer picture and to know them for what they are and what they have done to us.

I am contending that the American government was hijacked and I have the exact day, month and year of when we were orphaned and the adoption papers were signed. The new step-parents on that day would vow to care for us as their own and in so doing, inherit the wealth that came with us, for we were very well endowed and worth an unqualified fortune. The papers were signed and sealed, on December 23, 1913 when blessings were given. If you Google that date, you will see the whole story on those webs. Our new government parents immediately moved into the mansion of America, our home that we inherited and was held in trust for us by an irrevocable constitution. When we look back, we had a good time, playing and enjoying life as any privileged children might of an inherited fortune. We were the envy of the kids in the neighborhood of the world for many years. We shared our toys with the less privileged and always helped a friend in need. We were good indeed.

Little did we know that we were being kept in the dark all those trusting years. We had no inclination to think anything was wrong when we enjoyed what seemed to be untold amounts of freedom and lots of candy. The candy wasn’t particularly good for us, but step daddy’s uncle had a Big Pharma store who sold a lot of it. We were given just enough toys to keep us happy while our inheritance; our heritage was being slowly stolen from us in the most insidious and undetectable ways. They even had the lawyers and executors paid off this whole time we were singing in the sunshine and playing in the sand. Of course we had to endure some bouts of economic flu now and then, losing some weight we had gained, but all seemed well enough. All these years those bribed and over paid nannies kept us misinformed as to what was really going on.

Who would have guessed that one day we would be old enough to understand things as they really were? We have to thank that nice old man and his concerned friends for enlightening us who lived out back and underground in the Internet forest that we were always told was the source of bad information and to be avoided like a poisoned apple. Because of that fear implanted in our minds, some of our brothers and sisters would not believe us. Some of us, just two of our ten, dared to investigate and learn the hidden truth.

Our beloved governing parents were not really who we thought they were and they were siphoning off our rightful fortune for themselves to offshore banks everywhere. They even had their own bank handling our money. They called it the FED. They mortgaged our beautiful mansion and bled us of all but the toys we had in our rooms. They had tricked us into believing they were investing for our future and this was seconded by our trusted executors and lawyers, and even the nannies. Everyone was in on it for their own personal gain, and some who vowed to tell us were murdered. We weren’t stupid, we just didn’t know. We were naïve and unaware and unbelieving that anything of this magnitude could ever happen to us. We will never forget the reassuring smiles and pats on the head from all those we trusted. They were all a party to our loss, which was their gain. Yes, they were a sick lot or this is just a silly game of Monopoly where anything is fair that wins.

We have been screwed, but not by our loving parents whom we were told died in a train wreck, but rather by the step parents who took us over. Our true parents died on the same train that took our step parents to Jekyll Island that winter where the papers were signed and when we got a new swing set right after. That was the day our vaults were opened and our inherited wealth would be systematically transferred to this cultish lot who pretended to care for and nurture us as they laughed behind our backs at how stupid we were and how easy it was to placate us with goodies while they stole our real fortunes.

I hope this little allegory served to mask the offending and difficult to accept concept of our having been short changed; to understate the event. If this is enough motivation for you to read on for the more precise and direct means that were used to undermine us while they mined us, read on.

The name of this little cartel masquerading as our benefactors is FED, like Fred with no “r”. It should have been called FRED, because it is a private banking institution/corporation that private people own. It literally runs our nation. Guys like Fred and Morgan and Rothschild and a few others that took over from time to time as the positions of ownership are inherited by the families of these private people; they are the culprits. That is correct; the FED is really Fred and not a Federal or Reserve anything. It does not report its corporate matters to the government save for only an appeasing brief of blah-blah to keep the poor Congress and Senate from the utter embarrassment of having to admit they have no control over the FED. They have been offered a token gesture of some kind of say in the form of a Volker, Greenspan or Mr. Bernanke today. A few have certainly taken the FED to task over the years, but you never hear about it in the mainstream media. JFK really tried to get rid of them with an executive order that started with 1111__ and coincidently died shortly thereafter. You will have the opportunity to ascertain this yourself for I have made it easier than what I had to go through to get it clear. To understand how they took over with the same control as a step parent of an adopted child, stay with it.

December 23, 1913, while most of Congress was sent home for Christmas with the promise that nothing very serious would be passed by the specially selected skeleton crew left to preside. That day they hurriedly passed a law that would change forever how America’s money was created and disbursed. You can’t get any more control over money than creating it and distributing it. To top off this new contracted out money control; two remarkable things were going to be the result of that deal. One was, the FED would create money out of thin air and LEND it to the US government. Now, think of the implications of that. Take a few minutes if you need to.

Did you come up with, this is a loan? Then the next logical thing would be, loans get paid back, would this one? What would be the point of calling it “debt” a loan if it wasn’t intended to be paid back? So, yes these loans had to be paid back. Then think of the cycle here. The money was printed up by the FED as the government needed it and it was actually loaned, normally through floating a bond or other government securities. The FED would sell these securities through their Wall Street connections where the public would buy them. Some of these Wall Streeters being the same people who owned the FED. This how the Government would pay back this loan from the FED, but that loan would be transferred to the public; that’s us, you and mini me. Now think this out in these steps as it is easy to get lost in how it is otherwise explained in FED talk. The FED is getting paid back had cash that it created out of thin air. If that isn’t a bit too unbelievable; how about this?

The FED has the audacity to charge interest on this free money they create from nothing, loan as if it were real and get paid back. Interest on top of the principal of money made from air. Could you imagine a more profitable way to make money ever? Consider that only 4% of money is actually paper and ink while most is just an entry in a computer register. The profit is every bit of money the USA has ever had introduced into circulation, plus interest. Un-freaking-believable! Who set that up?

Woodrow Wilson, known in rewritten American history as one of our great leaders, but known worldwide as a bit of a scum bag, signed the FED in and a day late, probably holding out for his new swing set to be installed before he sold the country out.

Because what I have revealed here is so unbelievable, I have troubled to put some evidence up to reference for support of the ridiculous statements above. Find that below in the form of different websites. Some of it is from news articles dating prior to when the FED had taken over the press in the early 1900’s and some quotes from Congressmen with balls back then and some from minutes of meetings and plenty, 131 pages of historical and documented and footnoted material, way too much for anyone except for a very curious mind could endure.

When you are done with this homework, which has to be the most important personal investigation of your entire life for what you learn here has affected and will impinge on you now and in the future, you will become wise in the ways of the world. Assuredly it is best to know the whole story and be confident before chewing on this next little scenario. Page two!

Scenario of what did the FED guys do with the money paid back to them? Now this is pure speculation of the most logical and reasonable nature one could ever come up with. Let’s paint in the scene here. The FED just lent and was paid back, with interest (LOL) all of this money, billions, well trillions, but that is unimaginable sum, so let’s think of millions and billions paid back and basically, in the bank, the FED bank. Now who owns the FED bank? That was revealed in the various pages of web information. Every source has some verification and validation but never have all of the owners, shareholders of the FED been revealed. It works like this; the regional FED banks own the Main FED and the ownership of the regional FED banks is where ownership gets very private.

For certain, everyone who studied it agrees, Morgan, Rothschild and Rockefeller are just 3 of a host of others in this very, very, very elite club. Now, picture this: These guys have got all this money, unaudited by the government and not discussed. Granted the FED offers up different kinds of statements and fuzzy stuff to keep the congressional busybodies at least looking not so foolish and looking like they care, but the real books are private.

This next revelation of logic is going to require its own paragraph.

Let’s approach this next scenario with another question. What are these guys going to do with all that money? Give it away? Burn it? Or spend it? Who thinks power hungry bankers give their money away? Raise your hand. Now leave the room for there is no hope for you unless you grasp the power of money. Who said “they would spend it?” You have to be on the right track here. It is only logical and reasonable that these guys would spend this money, but on what? As banker types they might call it “investing.”

Another revelation; What is there to buy with this money? Well, how about they buy up controlling interest in public and private companies that are successful, and using their clout with the government people ensure the further success of these companies in getting business, particularly government contracts. That would be a wise and good investment. When would this buying control ever end? When they ran out of money would be the logical answer. And, guess what? That would never happen unless they were put out of business by the Federal Government.

Too late now for they must be so entrenched and already have bought up all the good companies in America and who says they would have to limit that to just the USA? Next, deserves another paragraph of its own, but first; to keep this incredible monster alive and well, one would have to never stop buying and influencing every thing and everyone, everywhere their years of growing and weaving into every of this nation’s fiber. We, you and I, might be happy to settle for a billion and buy a nice ranch somewhere and live off the interest, but not this the type who would be in this unique and unreal position to basically control the world. The FED is just an extension of the all the Central Banks, which are headquartered out of England… and now we can guess where the Royal family gets their bucks too. Just a guess. These things are beyond our mental ability to fully comprehend in its magnitude.

While we FED owners are on a spending spree, why not buy up all of the media companies? The investigative journalist could be the catalyst of the undoing or burdensome explaining the truth of this FED scam. If the FED boys owned the media, lock stock and barrel, no renegade reporters would be getting anything printed that wasn’t approved by the editors in control with the FED agenda. This is why you are not seeing the inside of anything today that seriously gets into certain underwear. To achieve ownership of all of the mainstream media would be a task that would take some time, but when you have more money than time, you can buy time, and maybe they did just that. Imagine the 1500 or so private media companies in America in the past, each with their own reporters and freedom of the press to investigate and do the thing the press has always been associated with, that being a watch dog over government. This was always a part of the original plan given some of our founding fathers were journalists. Freedom of the press would require our FED owners to arrange to buy them up with their millions of billions and slowly merge them into just 6 very major corporate giant media companies. Always easier to watch and control 6 kids than 1500 or more. Now they have the freedom to control the press, a paradox that can’t be denied.

So, now that our private FED elite have all the media under control, what about some of the loose ends over there in the government. Since there are only 535 or so real players in the government, to include the Senators and Congressmen and Federal judges and of course the President and Vice President, with the cabinet et al. How much would it cost to buy all of them, one at a time? Would a Supreme Court Judge who is appointed by a paid for President accept a sum of a few million to cooperate? How about 25,000,000? Am I too low? They have plenty to spend like this. Imagine the unimaginable power here. Let’s say we understand the power of money and how the FED guys are so lucky to have a system where the most greedy, money and power hungry are attracted to the top of any government. That 535 arrived there with their hands out. Hard to believe? Keep on studying. A perfect fit. The FED guys have the money and so bloody much of it that they can afford to pay a fortune to each of them at this level of control and position and continue paying. If they were smart like the Mafia they would record these payments unknown to the payee and show them their own home movies when they balked at doing a favor. What happens when they come across resistance for one to join? I am sure they have for not all who climb the ladder are of the latter. These dissidents seem to die from one cause or another. And that should be a poignant lesson to those who have been given the same choice, big money or your life?

Since 1913, they have had plenty of time to have bought and paid for about all of America they might want. Those who would appose they would buy and or they would die. Some quit their posts out of disgust and retired into oblivion and you will get a feel for how they must have felt when you know what they knew.

The greatest Monopoly game on earth and with the same kind of technically worthless paper money is America. The only difference between the game of Monopoly and the monopoly of real life is, the properties are real in ‘so called’ real life.

I had intended a long list of websites with explanations and copied pages, etc. when I started writing. But about 5 hours ago I received this interesting offer to visit the site indicated below. It basically says what I had planned to map out here, and does it in just over 3 hours, the best 3 hour education you will ever receive free. It is better than any college course and probably should be viewed by everyone in America.

By Robert B.

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